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Unity Field Healing

The field of energy that bridges your body and your field of energy to your higher spiritual self

What Is Unity Field Healing?

Unity Field Healing (UFH) is an unique energy based healing modality that works through your DNA quantum field of energy. This field of energy bridges your body and your whole field of energy bodies to your higher spiritual self. And this work takes place through “Energy Attunements” or Sessions.

Unity Field Healing is an evolutionary form of Energy Medicine. UFH takes the field of Energy Medicine to a whole new level of understanding and potential! Traditional energy-based therapies work to transfer energy or clear energy blockages. UFH however works through the quantum field of energy of your personal DNA, and uses a quantum field light template known as the UFH Template, to recalibrate an alignment with your deeper healing potential.



Dr. John Ryan

Dr. John Ryan is the originator of Unity Field Healing. He is a board certified specialist physician, with long interest in spirituality, consciousness, and energy-based healing. For over 20 years he has participated in the emerging energy healing paradigm as an energy healing practitioner and counselor in support of personal transformation.

Unity Field Healing facilitates healing, wellbeing and greater bio-spiritual integration. It was shown to Dr. Ryan through a series of “meditative visions” and is performed through the axis of what is termed your “Quantum” or “Spiritual” DNA.

Unity Field Healing is performed through a series of 3 individual sessions. The sessions work to enhance the quantum energy of your DNA using a light template known as the UFH template – to catalyze your personal healing and transformation.

You may choose to begin the work with Session 1 to assess your personal experience. It is not “necessary” you complete all sessions – for each session stands alone in its support and help to you. It is however essential that the sessions must be done in sequence.


Unity Field Sessions

Self Attunement

Self Attunement

UFH Session 1

Works to bridge and strengthen the alignment with your own quantum DNA axis and quantum DNA blueprint.

This session is intended to consciously develop and further strengthen a restorative connection with your spiritual DNA blueprint. By bridging this connection you open up to not only to an incredible healing potential, you open also to a greater light and awareness or “consciousness” of the true spiritual nature from which each of us has emerged as a human being.

This helps us “see ourselves more clearly” to understand who we are – and what obstacles are in the way of our higher self expression.


Template Attunement

Template Attunement

UFH Session 2

Provides a personal attunement to the UFH Template.  This provides the foundation needed to begin working more personally in Session 3. 

The template is quantum or interdimensional light pattern that provides an energetic “resonance” to work with the re-calibration of the quantum DNA field.  This session will catalyze, support and accelerate your personal healing and biospiritual transformation. 

The consequences of this re-calibration is that it can provide a deeper healing through internal changes in the energy bodies which comprise our human state – the mental, emotional or etheric bodies, as well the physical body.

Targeted Intentional Support

Targeted Intentional Support

UFH Session 3

Provides an energy session that is aligned with a specific “personal intention”. It is purposed to use the gift of Unity Field Healing to address specific issues that exist or arise in one’s life that need “healing” attention.

These ‘intentions’ may include physical, emotional, psychological or relationship issues in terms of healing.

It can also include themes of expansion as one journeys along the road of deeper personal healing and transformation.

It is the way the energy system is used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person and may be re-used any number of times to deep support around the intention or to introduce a new intention as the foundation of the session!


Unity Field Healing Template

This is the pattern of universal alignment. It represents the unity of energy inherent in both universal and human design. When all elements of energy are returned to the point of balance that exists at its point of origin, it can recreate itself anew. Herein lies a clue to the power of its potential.

This pattern is a symbol and living field of consciousness. A symbol both represents, and conceals a vaster consciousness that is inherent in it design. Within this symbol is a living way, as well as a transformative power of healing, balance and transformation. You cannot “control” spirit, but you can invite it through intention and in gratefulness to invoke the potential for healing and reunion. Through an open heart this light can emerge, but an open heart is a healed heart or a heart with intent to heal.

Resonance with this pattern can catalyze the restoration of energy to one’s Higher Self alignment through one’s quantum DNA. This is supported by the rebalancing of energy to find and maintain alignment with a universal consciousness of unity that is inherent in every awakened being.

Those who are drawn to it, are those who will benefit from it – because of their nature, their history and their level of consciousness growth. Some will seem like highly conscious human beings, and others will appear novice in terms of energy understanding, which will not be so. Do not imagine that great knowledge is needed to manifest great healing – for humility of spirit on nobleness of intention are keys to the kingdom of universal design.

The catalytic benefit will occur through a unique or tailored process for each individual – for it works not to create, but to restore. In this restoration lies conscious memory of a healed alignment with ones own spiritual being. You might say that it opens the channels to promote healing energy from ones own higher self into ones life and incarnational experience.

The pattern represents also the perfection 12 in 1. The unity of 12 attributes into one total unit is found over and over in universal design. 12 apostles surrounded Christ. 12 signs in the zodiac.  12 layers or strands implicit in your evolving DNA. This harmonic is inherent in the perfected 12 layer DNA.


Some references you might find helpful, I do not receive any commissions for these recommendations.

Unity Field Healing Vol 1 - Foundations of Energy Medicine and Quantum Healing

Unity Field Healing Vol 1 - Foundations of Energy Medicine and Quantum Healing

by John G. Ryan, MD.by John G. Ryan, MD.

The book is a one-of-a-kind volume – described as the “go-to source for new-consciousness healing”. It is a unique and clear-headed consolidation of all you need to know to bring your spirit alive in your healing journey.

Buy Unity Field Healing Vol 1 on Amazon.

Kryon Book Twelve - The Twelve Layers of DNA

Kryon Book Twelve - The Twelve Layers of DNA

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Kryon has now given us full channelled explanation of this, and brings it right into the quantum world.

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