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For yourself and those that you care about.

Raindrop Technique for Adults

Classic Raindrop Technique, Raindrop Technique for Digestive System, Raindrop Technique for Respiratory System.

Raindrop Technique for Children

Sound healing frequency is played in the background during the session to help relax and heal.

Connect to Your Divine Self

An amazing Raindrop Technique using ten oils of scripture, from Aloes to the Rose of Sharon.

Unity Field Healing

Sessions include Self Attunement, Template Attunement, Targeted Intentional Support.

Inner Peace

This is a combination of Classic Raindrop Technique followed by Unity Field Healing.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of wellness to those that you care about.


Holistic Wellness with Essential Oils

Learn about the science behind essential oils and how essential oils help support our health and wellness. 

Discover Unity Field Healing (UFH)

In this hour long group class, you’ll learn about the very basic concepts of energy healing and the three unique sessions of Unity Field Healing. 

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