My Personal Experience with Unity Field Healing

Mar 13, 2023

Having never had an energy healing session before taking my Unity Field Healing practitioner training, I didn’t know what to expect. When I first heard about it, I had shivers all over my body. I researched as much as I could about Unity Field Healing but I still was not sure what it was about. However, the energy of Unity Field Healing resonated very strongly with me so I trusted my intuition and signed up for the training class.

Three Different UHF Sessions

There are three different sessions in Unity Field Healing which has to be done in order. We were paired up with another student remotely and took turns being the practitioner and the client for the sessions. When I was the client for Unity Field Healing session 1 – Self Attunement, it didn’t take long before I fell asleep. Now, this was a class setting and Dr. John Ryan was instructing the students in the practitioner role. Yet, I fell asleep and woke up close to the end of the session feeling very refreshed. During my turn as a client for Unity Field Healing session 2 – UFH Template Attunement, I felt chills through my body every now and then so I knew the energy was working in me. The session for me was relaxing. And during Unity Field Healing session 3 – Targeted Intentional Support, I kept drifting in and out of sleep and was very relaxed after the session. 

The Inner Peace

The next day I was excited to work on my new skill and read the recommended books. After spending the whole morning in front of my computer and not being able to focus on anything and feeling something was different, I had lunch outside. That was when it hit me, the chatter in my mind had gone quiet. I have never felt so calm and so extremely peaceful. Is this what inner peace is like? This lasted for over 2 days during which situations that I know would have made me angry, didn’t bother me at all. I was also able to focus so clearly from the second day onwards and got a number of tasks done. I cannot be happier with my experience and to be able to return to that inner peace anytime, is such a gift that I never expected.

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