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Essential Oils

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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are potent, volatile, and versatile substances derived from parts of plants like flowers, seeds, bark, root, etc. A single essential oil molecule can consists of over 300 constituents! Essential oil in a plant defends the plant against insects and other animals. It also protects the plant from a wide rage of organisms.

Essential oils have been used around the world, by different civilizations and cultures. They have been used and are still used to support all our physical, emotional and spiritual systems.

Grades of Essential Oils

Grade A – Therapeutic

Made from organically grown plants and distilled at low temperatures

Grade B – Food grade

May contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical extenders, or carrier oils

Grade C – Perfume

Often contains adulterating chemicals and solvents to gain higher yield.
Solvents can be cancerous, and are in many store bought oils.
They may also be diluted 80-95% with alcohol.

Grade D – Floral Water

Aromatic only and usually a byproduct of Grade A distillation.
After the oil is pulled out, the left over floral water is sold to companies.
They in turn will fill 5% of the bottle with this floral water and top the rest off with carriers and label it “pure”.

Why Quality is Important

These essential oils are not the same as the store bought essential oils. These essential oils actually have therapeutic qualities.

As you can guess, a lot of work goes into producing these oils with the therapeutic qualities. Young Living is committed to producing pure therapeutic essential oils since 1994 and are now the industry leader.

Young Living have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on where a plant is grown, when a plant needs to be harvested, how long to distill it for and so much more. All to ensure that each drop of oil has all the constituents! Allowing us to benefit from the wonderful therapeutic effects.


Start Using Essential Oils!

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